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Search Engine Workshops

. . . beginning and advanced SEO Mastery workshops
tailored to meet YOUR specific needs!

Complete 5-Day SEO Hands-on Workshop

2-Day Beginners Workshops | 3-Day Advanced Workshops
5-Day All-Inclusive Workshops

**Have you been to one of our workshops before, and are you wondering if there's enough new material to come again?
Yes, the latest 2013 updates have been made to all of our Search Engine Academy Workshops with over 50% of the 2013 
agenda being all brand new.

  Click here to find out why it's an excellent idea to attend a Search Engine Workshop on a yearly basis!

What is Included in The 
2013 SEO Mastery Workshop?

The full agenda below is taught at each Search Engine Academy around the Globe.

Let's take a look at some of this in more detail:

2-Day Beginners Workshop

Day One of Beginners Workshop

Focus: A Solid Foundation in Search Engine Marketing

Here is a quick overview of the entire 5-Day SEO Workshop:
Day 1 – Basic SEO Essentials
  • Updated - What is Search Engine Optimization
  • Updated - Organic Versus Paid Search
  • Updated - Anatomy of a Search Results Page
  • Updated - Why Apply SEO to Your Web site
  • New for 2013 - How to implement SEO
  • New for 2013 - The Benefits of Doing SEO
  • Updated - Examining a Stress Free System of doing SEO
  • Updated - Google Trends
  • New for 2013 - Making Your Content Effective
  • New for 2013 - The New World of Web Content
  • New for 2013 - Google Panda and SEO
  • Updated - Google Webmaster Tools
    Answer questions, and hand out evaluation forms.

5:00 to 5:30 p.m.: End of Day #1

"John, what we learned when you were here has been priceless. We set a record day yesterday and had a record month for January. Great stuff! I hope you are well. I would have been in touch sooner, but our business has exploded and we have not had a free second until now."

Best Health & Regards,
Bryce Purvis - Cincinnati, Ohio

Day Two of Beginners Workshop

Focus: Search Engine Processes

Day 2 – Basic SEO Essentials

  • Updated - Linking Strategies Through External and Internal Linking
  • New for 2013 - Key Concepts – Authority, Relevancy and Pagerank
  • New for 2013 - A Comparison of Various Links
  • New for 2013 - Links and Google Penguin
  • Updated - External Linking Strategies
  • Updated - Types of Links
  • New for 2013 - Understanding Link Diversity
  • New for 2013 - Authority Site Links
  • New for 2013 - Getting EDU Links
  • Updated - Building links externally to you
  • Updated - SEO Strategy for Cleaning Up Links
  • Updated - Tips for Finding Links
  • Updated - Try a Link Discovery Tool
  • Updated - Tips for Finding Links
  • Updated - The Power of Internal Links
  • Updated -Internal Linking Strategies
  • Updated - HTML Sitemaps
  • Updated - XML Site Maps
  • New for 2013 - Directory Style Sitemaps
  • New for 2013 - No Follow Attribute
  • Updated - Absolute Versus Relative Links
  • Updated - How to Stay Out of Trouble with the Search Engines
  • New for 2013 - Disavowing Links
  • Updated - Getting the Most Out of Your Blog
  • Updated - Blogging and SEO
  • Updated - Optimizing Your Blog Posts
  • New for 2013 WordPress and SEO
  • New for 2013Tips For Increasing Your Chances For Popular Posts
  • Updated - Understanding the Value of Trackbacks
  • Updated - How to set up and use Trackbacks
  • Updated - Blog Resources
  • Updated - Blog Search Engines
  • Hands-on Exercises - Student Website Reviews

    Questions and Answers

"I learned more in this last Workshop than ever before. Now I have the latest list of ideas, suggestions, skills, practices and tools and things I can do. John Alexander, Steve Scott have revitalized my ambition and have energized me. This is the most valuable SEO certification that I could have received. 

Thank you for sharing everything that you did in Orlando!"

Gail Wright - Advanced SEO Graduate 

3-Day Advanced Workshop

Day One of Advanced Workshop

Focus: Advanced Keyword Forensic Research and Creating Effective Sales Copy

Day 3 – Advanced SEO Workshop

  • Updated - Advanced Keyword Research
  • Updated - Keyword Forensic Analysis
  • New for 2013 - Other Advanced Keyword Research Tips
  • Updated - Semantic Search
  • Updated - Resource Links
  • Updated - Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Updated - Understanding How To Take Advantage of Themes
  • New for 2013 - Information Architecture
  • New for 2013 - What is IA
  • New for 2013 - Why Do IA
  • New for 2013 - I/A Categories
  • New for 2013 - Labeling Systems
  • New for 2013 - Global Navigation System
  • New for 2013 - Local Navigation Systems
  • New for 2013 - Contextual Navigation Links
  • New for 2013 - Supplemental Navigation Systems
  • New for 2013 - Site Search
  • New for 2013 - Examples of Well Developed IA
  • Updated - Local SEO
  • New for 2013 - Google’s Venice Update
  • Updated - Major Data Providers – Who powers whom?
  • Updated - How to Submit to Top Data Providers
  • New for 2013 - About Universal Business Listing
  • New for 2013 - Rating Local Search Factors
  • New for 2013 - Business Listing Quality Guidelines
  • New for 2013 - More Google Quality Guidelines
  • New for 2013 - Google Local
  • New for 2013 - Google Local – Photos, Videos and More
  • Updated - Video SEO
    Updated - Optimizing Your Videos
  • Updated - Video SEO
  • Updated - Keywords for Video
  • Updated - Create a Video Sitemap
  • Updated - Video Distribution
  • New for 2013 Mobile Search and SEO
  • New for 2013 Mobile SEO Strategies
  • Updated - Duplicate Content Issues
  • Updated Crawler and Indexing Issues
  • Hands-on Exercises - Student Website Reviews

Answer questions, and hand out evaluation forms.

5:00 to 5:30 p.m.: End of Day #1


"I didn't get the opportunity to thank you personally for the outstanding workshop this past weekend in Orlando.

The ideas presented here have me thinking about website optimization, writing, search engines and research in new ways. I got much more out of the workshop than I would have imagined. I also wanted to say that the quality of individuals at the workshop is a real testament to you,
Robin, Michael and the rest of the Search Engine Workshops team. 

Thank you for taking the time to make a personal impact. Your presentations have a remarkable way of reaching the individual while still speaking to the entire group. I felt that comments were for me individually and the group as at whole. With the entire 3 Day Advanced Workshop...Color Me Impressed."   

Joe Finucan - Orlando SEO Advanced Workshop

Day Two of Advanced Workshop

Focus: Search Engine Processes and Advanced SEO Strategies

Advanced Day 4 – GOOGLE DAY – A Day Dedicated To All Things Google

  • Updated Paid Search
  • Updated Planning Your Paid Search Campaigns
  • Updated Google Adwords
  • New for 2013 - Google Display Ads
  • Updated - Personalization of Search
  • New for 2013 - Google Plus
  • New for 2013 - Google Authorship
  • New for 2013 - Google Analytics Advanced for SEA
  • Updated - Google Webmaster Tools
  • New for 2013 - Google Panda and Penguin Rollouts
  • Updated - Measuring What’s Important KPI’s
  • New for 2013 - Advanced Google Analytics
  • Hands-on Exercises - Student Website Reviews

  • Questions and Answers
"Steve Scott is a GREAT presenter and was a lot fun to have in class."

Heather Hutzel - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Day Three of Advanced Workshop

Focus: Advanced Strategies and Strategies "Beyond SEO"

Day 5 – The Final Day of Advanced SEO

  • Updated Competitive Intelligence for SEO
  • Updated Why do CI for SEO?
  • Updated More Reasons for CI
  • Updated How to Do Competitive Intelligence Analysis for SEO
  • Updated Off page Factors
  • Updated How to Analyze What You Collect
  • Updated Social Media and SEO
  • Updated Social Media Platforms
  • Updated Social Media Guidelines
  • New for 2013 - Social Media and SEO
  • New for 2013 - Measure Social Media Reach
  • New for 2013 - and SEO
  • New for 2013 - and Google
  • New for 2013 - Resources
  • New for 2013 - 5 Applications
  • Updated - Site Technical Issues
  • Updated - Diagnosing Problems
  • Updated - URL Canonicalization
  • Updated - 301 redirects
  • Updated - Crawler and Indexing issues
  • Updated - Source code Validation
  • New for 2013 - Persuasive Copywriting for the Web
  • New for 2013 - Anatomy of A Sales Letter
  • New for 2013 - Components for Building Sales Copy by component
  • New for 2013 - Examples by Category
  • New for 2013 - Student Worksheets and Examples
  • Updated - The Power of Article Writing
  • Updated - Life After Google Panda Update
  • New for 2013 - Guidance on Writing Quality Articles
  • Updated - Easy Ways To Find Markets For Your Articles
  • Updated - Creative Commons
  • Updated - Press Releases and SEO
  • Updated - Tips for Press Releases
  • Updated - 9 Reasons to Optimize Your Press Releases
  • Updated - Tips for Professional SEOs
  • Updated - New Customers the smartest Way
  • Updated - Build A Genuine Reputation Right Now
  • Updated - How To Convert Prospects to Clients by Establishing Credibility
  • Updated - Steps for Building Powerful Proposals
  • Updated - Building and Defining Your Business in the SEO Industry
  • Questions and Answers

    Certification Exam

         After class commencement of the 6 Month Mentoring program for ongoing support 
         at no extra cost.

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5-Day All-Inclusive Workshop

The 5-Day All-Inclusive Workshop will consist of the 2-Day Beginners Workshop followed by the 3-Day Advanced Workshop. Follow the agenda for both the Beginners and Advanced Workshops to learn how this all-inclusive workshop will be conducted.

Students who attend the 5-Day All-Inclusive Workshop will learn search engine marketing strategies from the basics all the way through the advanced strategies for a totally comprehensive week of learning.

Register now to attend a Search Engine Workshop . . . the premiere onsite search engine marketing workshops in the world!

Benefits of Attending a Search Engine Workshop Again and Again!

  • With the workshops now divided up according to experience level, beginning students will want to move up to the Advanced workshop, and Advanced students will want to come back on a yearly basis to catch up on what's happening in the industry since the last time they attended a workshop.
  • We're constantly updating the workshop material itself as the industry shifts and changes. There will always be certain "standard" sessions at the workshops, but the techniques involved in those strategies are constantly evolving, and you'll learn about those changes by attending the workshops on a regular basis. Over 50% of the 2013 SEO Workshop agenda is new for 2013.
  • As you get more advanced in your search engine optimization work, you'll want to meet with strategists who are the best in the business, those who know how to create unique and exciting brand new strategies that you can take home and try on your own sites. With Michael Campbell and Dave Barry on board, you'll have access to two of the best in the business. If you're highly technical, Dave will speak your language and can answer any question or solve any problem you might have with your Web site as it becomes more advanced and "technical." 
  • Every workshop is different, with different people from different walks of life. We all learn from each other. Plus, attending the workshops regularly will help you come in contact with people who are interested in the same things that you are: success on the Web, and you'll be able to learn from the experiences of others.
  • Depending on the location of the workshop, you'll have the opportunity of meeting others who are highly visible and important in the search engine industry. For example, chances are good that you'll be able to meet Brent Winters from First Place Software along with some of his personnel if you attend our Orlando workshops. Many "celebrity" SEO's live in areas where we hold workshops, so you'll be able to meet and get to know them by attending our workshops.
  • Don't forget that returning students can attend the workshops at one half the price of the workshop throughout the current and the next year! Just write to your instructor and ask for the student Alumni discount.
  • Also, remember that the workshops and all travel expenses are 100% tax deductible as a business expense, which will certainly help you at tax time!
  • And, let's face it -- Search Engine Workshops are FUN! Because attendance is kept down, you get to know each of your fellow students and they become your friends. You laugh with them, then cry with them, as you each share search engine stories. They become your SE family, and you can keep up with them by participating in the Search Engine Forums and attending chat sessions.
  • Join us at least once a year to keep up with what's happening in the industry and to get to know another group of search engine friends. :)

Register now to attend a Search Engine Workshop . . . the premiere onsite search engine marketing workshops in the world!

After class each participant gets an ongoing 6 Month Mentoring Program at no extra cost

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Search engine marketing is the key to unlocking access to the world.

Unlock extraordinary traffic potential!

Benefits of Attending
a Workshop

Attend a workshop that's right for you! If you're a beginner, our Beginners Workshop is the perfect fit. Advanced students can attend the Advanced Workshop and meet with other advanced students. Or, attend the entire week of our all-inclusive workshop and learn search engine strategies from the beginning through advanced strategies!

Complete evaluations every single day so you can monitor and benchmark your progress and any questions/concerns can be addressed and taken care of immediately.

Participants and leaders work together in a real hands-on setting that is more conducive to learning and mastering the skills.

Enjoy a relaxed, fun atmosphere of learning, where no one is afraid to ask questions or participate in discussions, because everyone is working together as friends and associates.

Network with other SEO professionals in a one-of-a
-kind hands-on workshop.



Learn the latest techniques and methods. A very effective way of brushing up on your SEO skills.



Includes full SEO certification of skills.

Enjoy 2, 3, or 5 days of personal SEO instruction from two of the top industry leaders today. And, remember that industry gurus Michael Campbell and Dave Barry often attend our workshops too! If they can't attend, we'll still meet them online where they can review your sites and answer your questions.



Communications do not stop at the end of the Workshop. 
You'll have a full six months to ask questions and make sure you're headed down the right path. And, don't forget our Start-Up Tools Arsenal, an unbelievable value that's free to workshop participants!


Comments from students:

Dear John & Robin,

I have just achieved results for my first client by following your guidelines. They are No 1 and 2 on five search engines. 
This was achieved after only 4 days!  The client was absolutely amazed.

L. B. (Student, Nashville class)

I found the course to be both challenging and fun and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take SEO seriously.

Robin, I must congratulate you and John for running what can only be described as the most productive and informative workshop I have ever attended - ever - truly first class.

I feel anyone attending this program has received the most accurate and up to date information. Even though I attend many SEO seminars, I still learned new things.

Thanks for these empowering 3 days!

I like the way John took more of a marketing angle while you took more of an SEO angle. The two together are very powerful.

Sometimes I think to many people involved in the SEO business are a little TOO technical and are looking for mathematical solutions to human based problems. We need more teachers/trainers like you and Robin. Once again, thank you for sharing, not only your time but a little part of your life with all of us at class. It was a pleasure to meet you.

I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Highest regards,

Mike Zoth
Erie, PA

I know it'll open many doors for me that have been previously closed to me. Thanks for all your focused efforts. I certainly appreciate all you've done.

Kristal Kraft
Denver, CO

This workshop was worth every penny!

Gil Sery
Search Engine 
Optimization Pros
San Diego, CA

I thought I had a good deal of knowledge going into the workshop, wow: was I wrong!  Your workshop really opened my eyes...

Matt Costello

My greatest thanks has to be for the follow up assistance that has been given to me by both Robin and John, something which goes beyond the call of duty! 


 Lloyd Barrett, FLAME SEO, Wrexham, England



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