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Starting a New SEO Business and - 
The Secret of The Circumspect SEO 

By John Alexander


Let's start with a brief definition of circumspectly:

From the Latin word circumspectus equivalent  to circum- circum- + spec(ere) means literally to "look around." 
If you walk "circumspectly" it means that you walk with an awareness of all that is around you. You are attentive to all the circumstances of a case or the probable consequences of an action; to be cautious; prudent and wary. 

Synonyms for circumspect would be words like : 

  • careful
  • vigilant
  • guarded

I'll come back to how this can be extremely important to you when build a new SEO business or Internet Marketing related business in a minute. Actually, it is important in any business, but especially SEO and Internet Marketing.

Building Your New SEO Business

One of the single most important aspects for your new business, is determining how you will be different than all the competition out there. But wait. Isn't SEO and SEM all basically the same thing? Keyword research, optimization of pages, writing effective Web copy that converts to sales, Blogging etc..etc?

What I want to talk about is something that is even more important that than just possessing the genuine SEO skills or the actions you will take in optimization work. I want to talk just a little bit about building a brand new business life based on elements that will set you aside from ALL your competition. The SEO marketplace is loaded with people who all say they know SEO and can optimize Web pages. So for your new business, are you going to just become one more of them. You don't want to be lost in the crowd. 

What will distinguish your services as singularly unique?

In our regular Workshops I share a number of examples and strategies for ways you can use your talents with a significantly different twist (even to your fellow classmates.) Here are a few tips to consider as you are preparing a brand new SEO business.

Tips for building a brand new business:

You've probably heard that expression "finding your niche" when it comes to keyword research or perhaps with the affiliate marketing Gurus. But let's talk about a very different kind of very important "niche" just within the services you offer in your new business. 

Of course one of the problems for some people is that they really have trouble believing that they can start a brand new business these days and make it work. Others, mat not see themselves as having too much unique to offer - within their business.

So what will it take for you to find this special niche? 

First let's eliminate all of the common things we assume you have built up in preparation for your new business services. So these, we'll assume you have a handle:

  • Proper accounting and availability of cash flow (required for any new business)
  • You have a firm understanding   (You've been trained in of ALL the genuine SEO skills and are up to date) 
  • You have actually put together a few successful projects 
    (so you have what I like to call your SEO comfort level - you know what you are doing - Essential )
  • You have a business plan of how you will deliver your services ( and know it well)
  • And we assume you enjoy your work and are enthusiastic about your talents 

Your all set - then lets continue...with the next steps.

The Secrets of The Circumspect SEO 

So what are a few of the secrets of the circumspect SEO starting a brand new SEO or SEM business?

Here is how you can explore your own niches, for building uniqueness into your services and based on your very own God-given talents. 

Remember the phrase we started with walking circumspectly or to have the accurate awareness of all that is around you. Your goal is not just to probe for niches that you think will make you "the most money." Your goal is to discover the personal gifts and niches that you already have hidden latent potential for and you just never even realized it before.

Within the process of Internet Marketing there are so many things you learn, so pay close attention to those areas that you find you are enjoying the most. This will often be where your niche is hiding. Yes it's there and if you take the time to find it and develop it you'll eventually grow in strength and "by reason of practice" and "by reason of exercise" you'll find that you begin to excel in various ways.

Do you enjoy keyword research?
Do you have a knack for writing compelling Web copy?
There are the areas of Social Media or Link-Building or perhaps enjoy other aspects such as writing content, 
article marketing, Blogging or even working with news stories. 
Whatever it is, make it uniquely what you love to do.

It's never about being "the best there is at everything related to SEO or SEM," 
but instead get very focused. 

Become one of the best there is, within something that unique and might be attributed to your personal gifts (which can often be initially buried below) until you gain that awareness. Sometimes it's not even about being the best, it's about being uniquely different and being yourself.

Other important Tips for Starting a new SEO Business

  • Build your new SEO business based on genuine relationships

  • Avoid the myriad of things that can come along to just to distract you from what's really important. 

  • Stay focused on working your Business Plan.

  • For every project you work on - stay focused on the end result you're trying to achieve
    The more you make your clients profitable - the more you'll have that client for life.

  • Don't regard your competition as "the enemy" and sometimes it's surprising 
    how much business they may send your way. Watch for natural fitting
    win/win situation.

  • Develop lifetime relationships with your clients and celebrate their victories with them

  • Always try to maintain your ability to accurately judge your own performance 

One of the reasons your new SEO business deserves your full attention with respect to "attention to detail" and especially having that "keen awareness of all that is around you," is this. When you boil it all down a new business in SEO or SEM is primarily all based on: 

  • your current level of knowledge
  • how up to date you are in practices and solutions
  • and how well you understand the best ways to apply that knowledge, on each client's behalf.

The bottom line is that this is all about building the reputation of your new business. Some people start up a new company and work hard for years without ever really building that reputation. It's nearly like they are in a continual chase for new clients, always selling hard and wondering where that next client will be coming from. 

A much wiser approach for a brand new SEO or SEM business, is to focus on building your companies reputation extremely quickly. It's not that hard to do and then you can experience sort of a tremendous reverse benefit. 

Instead of always on the run looking for new clients week after week, you have them coming to you and seeking you for quotes and for assistance. Think about it, it's a much smarter approach. That's what building your reputation does for you and I've seen it happen in as little as 4 to 6 months.

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About John Alexander:

John has taught onsite search engine marketing sessions to small groups of people from over 80 different countries, and he's worked as a professional in the search engine industry for years. John Alexander and Robin Nobles teamed up together in 2002 to create the Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop. For more information about their newest live, personal, SEO Training Workshops, please visit Search Engine Workshops. For local SEO Community Workshops visit Search Engine Academy for a Workshop located near you. John and Robin also offer complete online SEO Training Courses and John writes Free SEO Tips daily.

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